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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any side effects to treatment?


These therapies stimulate your body’s own healing, and for some this brings temporary ‘healing reactions’ such as:


  • An increase or decrease in energy levels.

  • Feeling light-headed/headache

  • Heightened emotional reactions

  • Runny nose/sneezing

  • More frequent urination (urine may be darker and stronger smelling)

  • Increased bowel function

  • Breakout of skin blemishes


Although not common, this is a very natural response, particularly when you are new to a treatment and will usually subside after 48 hours.  Aftercare advice will be provided to minimise the likelihood of this. Most clients however, leave feeling rejuvenated with a deep feeling of relaxation.


Is there a recommended number of treatments?


For those having treatments purely for relaxation purposes or to optimise health and wellbeing, I recommend a treatment every three to four weeks, in order to benefit fully. However, if struggling with an acute or chronic condition, more regular treatments are advisable. Normally this would be weekly for a minimum of six sessions, after this time, we will review progress to ensure improvements are being made. However, nothing is set in stone, it’s important that we discuss your individual needs during your initial consultation and I will tailor the treatments to suit you.


Can anyone have a treatment?


Before booking a treatment you will be asked if you have any contraindications. This is to check the treatment is suitable for you. I will not treat anyone with any of the following health conditions:


  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • History of DVT (deep vein thrombosis)

  • Contagious or infectious diseases

  • Severe cellulitis


If you are under 16 you are more than welcome to benefit from treatment, but I will require parental presence and consent for treatment to commence.

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