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Relaxing and Rebalancing body and mind

Reflexology on feet of a client

Welcome to be balanced reflexology


My passion is to support health and wellbeing through reflexology and the treatment I provide can be used to target specific conditions or stimulate the body’s own systems to improve health.

I have seen remarkable transformations in health and wellness occur through this gentle natural therapy. 


I will look at your lifestyle patterns in addition to any physical symptoms in order to support a long term approach in restoring balance.

My love for all things supporting health and wellbeing led me to embark on my own career path in Reflexology over 10 years ago. At that time I had two young energetic daughters, a relentless deadline driven career in product marketing and I found solace from the stress in regular reflexology treatments!


I qualified as a clinical reflexologist attaining the UKs highest standard, Centralia Reflexology Mastership (Level 5). This enables me to adapt to individual needs using the latest techniques.

I am a great advocate of 'lifelong learning' and am constantly continuing my professional development as a therapist, aiming to treat each client holistically.


I’ve always had a positive nature and believe everyone has the right to lead a happy and fulfilled life and I believe it’s so important to nurture ourselves.


I am also a member of the Functional Reflex Therapy network. This approach and relaxation routine supports children and adults with autism, neurological impairment and complex health needs and it is an amazing privilege to work alongside other healthcare professionals.

I am also a member of the Professional Reflexology Association (PR).

Professional Reflexology
Functional Reflex Therapy
Ann-Marie Doverman Reflexologist Professional Therapy Network
Be Balanced Reflexology
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